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Good WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).  I think you can make it work with minimal ideas.  My advice is to:
1) Create a storyboard of the site.  A storyboard  is like a blueprint containing the message you wish to convey and the format you will use to convey it (colors, design, etc.).   I can help you with that, but you might also want to discuss it with someone who knows a thing or two about graphics design.  Graphics design is good for learning about colors and how they combine, for example.
2) Generate a repository of pictures you want to use.  For each picture, create a thumbnail or smaller resolution picture.  You will use those to complement the site.  To do that, you just need Microsoft Photo Editor.  Georgia can help with that.
3) Generate the pages using this WYSIWYG tool.  I think you can do that yourself, and I'll help you out with the details.
I hope this helps.